Saturday, August 8, 2009

Notice Board to All Customers

Dear All Customers,

Please be informed that starting on August, 8th 2009,
we only accept orders by:
(please only select one option)

1. Order Form Charging. (Order Form is on the top left of this site)
2. E-mail. ishopthestore (at) gmail (dot) com (
3. Facebook Message.

We won't accept order outside of the mentioned above
. example: by Phone texting, etc.

For inquiries, you can:
1. E-mail (Name and Message).
2. Message us via Facebook.

We also have a chat box and shoutbox, you can use it if you want.
We will respond you as fast as we can..=)

Will not response for inquiries by Texting (SMS), etc. (only mentioned above)

Thank you.

Untuk Seluruh Customer,

Mulai hari Sabtu, 8 Agustus 2009,
ishopthestore hanya menerima order dengan cara : (Pilih salah satu)

1. Pengisian Form. (Form ada di bagian paling kiri dari site ini)
2. E-mail ke ishopthestore (at) gmail (dot) com (
3. Facebook Message

ishopthestore tidak menerima order selain dari di atas. (Tidak Akan Direspon) contohnya : Lewat SMS, dll.

Untuk pertanyaan dan sebagainya harus melalui:
1. E-mail.
2. Message di Facebook.

Kita juga punya Chat box dan Shout Box. Kita akan balas secepat mungkin...:)

Tidak akan merespon diluar dari cara di atas, misalnya lewat SMS, dll.

Atas Perhatiannya kami ucapkan terimakasih.